1. Udherrefyesja1 Muslimatun 2009-10-12 06:28:46

    You are the best I Hope that Allah give you a long life.
    Allah blest you...
    Those are word that mean for all as,because are Words of God and are specialy.

  2. khoirul bakhtiar 2012-07-27 07:43:46

    I am an Indonesian. I don't know you. but first time I hear your recitation made me crying. I don't know your face. then I looking to find your complete album. I am very like with your recite of surah An Naba, Al hujurat, alqiyama, al mudatsir, al insan end the others. I hear it everyday. but when I hear your recitation in this site, there is many differences with your recitation that I hear in the first I found you. I want syeikh recite like the first time I heard. where do I can get the other recitation of your beside this?

  3. Ajani nurudeen 2017-10-12 02:17:32

    Salam alaykum my brother in Islam,may almighty Allah reward you abundantly and me too.I like your reçitation of the only Qur'an.please,if I want to learn recitation of Quran from you,how can I do it