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  1. I have came to know this amazing recitor "AbdulHadi" just recently and always listen his recitation non-stop. He has a profound melodic sound so deep it will put your heart into peace and soothing momentum to remember Allah and Hereafter. I can't describe what I hear in my hears with adjectives and words alone with Sheikh Kankari. I will work hard and strive to imitate his style of reading the Quran with strong-tajweed and beauty to be like him or close enough to satisfy me. May Allah bless me with a voice like him one day! Amiim.Amiin.Amiin

  2. Mashallah! what I really like about this sheikh is his tajweed. I really wish that he would have more recording that just the last juz though. Abdul Basit, Husari, and Kanakeri have one of the best tajweed according to my Shiekh. May Allah grant them success in hereafter.

  3. I love Abdulhadi its voice is one of the most wonderfull voices that i have ever seen in the world. May Allah bless him in this world and the here after. May his wishes come true. I wish my son would be like him one day. Because for those who are blessed gets to become good reciters for the Quran.

  4. This is by far the most beautiful recitation I have ever heard. No matter whom I listen to, sheikh kanakari is echoing in my ears all times. May Allah give him Jannatul Firdowz, and make his voice last for centuries to come to benefit all the students of Quran and Muslims in general.

  5. I personally know Sheikh Abdulhadi Kanakeri as a teacher of Islamic Studies and he is my colleague. I really enjoy his Quranic recitation.
    Almighty Allah blessed him with a sweet and lucid voice. May Allah bless him with health and longevity.

  6. MashaALLAH, Abdul Hadi kanakeri voice is wonderful. Last 10 years I like listening his Quran recitation because most beautiful recitation I have ever heard. May Allah reward him good health & Eman.

  7. MashaALLAH, the voice of Abdul Hadi kanakeri is wonderful. I love listening his Quran recitation. May Allah bless him good health & reward him in future ever lasting life.