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Biography of Abdelkbir El Hadidi

Abdelkbir El Hadidi

The Quran reader Sheikh Abdelkbir El Hadidi was born on Tuesday, January the 1st, 1963, in Regragah, in the Moroccan province “Essaouira”. His desire to learn the holy Quran and to further explore the Shari’a pushed him to move to the Moroccan economic capital “Casablanca”.

Sheikh Abdelkbir El Hadidi went to “Casablanca” to complete the memorization of the holy Quran. He was certified by the scientific council that is under the jurisdiction of “Casablanca”, on the 24th “Rabi’a Al Tani” of the Hijri year 1413, corresponding to the 22th of October, 1992. He also received a license degree in the “Islamic studies” specialty.

Sheikh Abdelkbir El Hadidi has worked in several functions, such as being appointed as an Imam and a preacher in “Al Sabil” mosque in “Ain Shok” in Casablanca, and also being a member of the jury in the king Mohammed VI’s Quranic competition.

In order to widely diffuse the holy Quran and to facilitate its memorization, Sheikh Abdelkbir El Hadidi founded the project “Learn the Quran in your home”, which is a project that is addressed to every person, of any age, who cannot learn and memorize the holy Quran in the mosques. He also wrote a book called “Al Hadidi’s masterpiece about the rules of Tajweed”, where he presented a detailed explanation concerning the reading “Tajweed” rules according to Warsh Aen Nafiae’s method.

Sheikh Abdelkbir El Hadidi has been teaching the holy Quran and its recitation rules and methods for over twenty years for the emerging generation. He also recorded Ramadan’s Quranic episode in 2005 and a complete version of the holy Quran in 2010.


  1. May Allah reward the people who have created this website. Sheikh Abdelkbir
    has a beautiful voice. My Allah give him a long life so that we can enjoy his beautiful recitations

  2. Assalamu Alaikum . May Allah reward and accept your recitation of Quran and those who listen as well. Ameen!!!.. I have noticed that Chapter #64 and #68 are missing.