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Biography of Waleed Idrees Al-Maneese

He was known for his love for the knowledge of his appointees, and Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh said about him: “He is a knowledge seeker who devoted most of his time to his learning and teaching activities.” We are talking about Sheikh Waleed Idrees Al Maneese.

His journey in the paths of life has known three stations. The beginning was in 1966, the year in which Sheikh Waleed Al Maneese was born, In Alexandria, where he grew up, learned, and memorized the holy Quran. The first features of a successful reciter were inculcated to him by his father, who was keen on teaching his son the Quran and helping him memorize it since his childhood. After that, he joined several Quran reciters who supervised him during his memorization of the Quran until he was able to fully learn it by heart at the age of fourteen years old.

His career in seeking knowledge was not confined only to memorizing the book of Allah, but it has also included various Shari’a sciences under the supervision of several Alexandrian Scholars such as Sheikh Saad Al Din Al Ghobashi, who accompanied him for more than ten years in which he learned the science and the rules of Quran and Sunnah.

After the learning comes the teaching, as Sheikh Waleed moved to the second station, Riyadh. He worked there as a teacher of the Arabic language and of the Islamic studies without stopping his learning process, as he was taught by many Sheikhs including Sheikh Abdul Razak Afifi, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Kaaoud, and Sheikh Ibn Jibrin.

After eight years of residence in Riyadh, the whistle of change kicked again, and Sheikh Waleed Idrees continued his journey by moving to the United States of America. He was appointed in numerous positions, as he was selected as a committee member at the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies at the American Open University. He also served as an Imam and a preacher at the Islamic center “Dar Al Farouk” in Minneapolis, and he was also an expert in the American Shari’a scholars Association and one of the advocates of the office of Islamic advocacy at the Saudi Embassy in the United States and a member of the Fatwa committee and of the Helal committee at the Islamic Assembly in North America.

Sheikh Waleed distinguished himself by mastering the four readings. He read it in front of many well-known and competent sheikhs such as Abdul Basit Hashem and other scholars.

In addition, Sheikh Waleed is one of the most prominent figures concerning the number of recruits and students who have recited the Quran to him and who graduated under his supervision. They exceed fifty students from Riyadh, Alexandria and the United States, and he has also enrolled and certified more than forty Sheikhs.

It is noteworthy to say that Sheikh Waleed Idrees Al Maneese has several publications and writings such as “The gifts of Allah by Asanid Waleed Bin Idriss”, “the explanation of Al Orjouza Al Walidiya, complementary to Al Rahbiya” and “Summary of the road of the straight path” and others.