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    286 verses Madaniya Al-Mus'haf Al-Murattal (Hafs A'n Assem)
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  1. Mashallah!! may Allah bless him. His recitation is beautiful! Best recitation I have heard. I love the way he recites. Inshallah Allah will give us more Hafiz like him.

  2. mashALLAH...so beautiful recitation...ALLAH bless him...his way of recites is sooo beautiful that help me to understand the meaning of words....jazkALLAH...

  3. Mashallah!!!! may Allah bless you ya shaikh and jazaak allaho kheir I love your recitation . Inshallah katar allho min amtalik!!!

  4. mashallah awesome recitation! the way he recites, helps me to understand the meanings of holy Quran. may allah bless him.

  5. SubhanAllah. May Allah reward him and his parents.I can't stop listening to him love his recitation.