• #2 - Al-Baqara
    286 verses Madaniya Al-Mus'haf Al-Murattal (Hafs A'n Assem)
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  1. Masha Ullaha, what my words can not dexcribe how sweet is your vice, Allah give you all the rewards for recitin g holy Quran, Allah opens all the doors for heaven to sheikh al ghamedi Ameen suma ameen. I am very inspired from your Quran recitation, may all blessing on you for ever.

  2. may allah opens all the doors for heaven to sheikh al ghamedi... ameen!
    allah has given him such a wonderful voice and i love listening to his recitation.. this would be perfect if the verses are shown with the recitation.. thank you..

  3. masha ullaha, my words can not describe how sweet is your voice and how sweet you recite Quran. Allaha give you all the rewards for reciting holy Quran. I am very inspired from your Quran recitation. May all blessing on you for ever.

  4. Subhanallah lovely recitation of holy Quran. may Allah bless u .Highly inspired and wishing one could do the same . Your voice has a sweet aroma in it which attracts me to listen Quran every day .
    Allah bless us all. ameen.

  5. There is no god but GOD!, here in Guatemala we love the beautiful voice you have sheikh El Ghamidi, ALLAH bless All the Believers! Any believer CRY when listening and reading the recitations of the Holy Koran. ! ALLAHU AKBAR !

  6. What a voice Allah have given to Shiek El-Ghamidi, Allah Is the greatest to have greats us with a unique voices, May Allah reward Shiek El-Ghamidi in this life and Al-Jana, Thanks to Allah for making me a Muslim. Ma-Sallam

  7. Tears in my eyes and peace in my heart as i listen to this recitation. May Allah continue to bless everyone made this possible for us to access via the internet. Amin, Jazakallahu Khairan.

  8. Great recitation, as usual with all shiekh Saad Al Gamedi's recitation, may Allah reward him for using his nice voice to make us enjoy listening to the holy Quran, Jazakum Allah khaira.

  9. Subhaan Allah.......may allah bless you as you become a cause to gain sawaab by reciting quraan. may allah bless whole ummat of Hazrat muhammad sallallaho ailaihiwasllam. Ameen

  10. The Language of Quran is so beautiful and melodious. O Allah keep me in your mercy. May Allah give all of us opportunity to listen recitation of his words again and again.

  11. i think every shiek is good and may allah's blessing be upon them and masha allah and i think if more people listen these sheik nearly all the
    muslims will be better people.

  12. I like listening to Quran reciatation, may Allah open all the doors of heaven for all the Muslims ameen/ I like Saad El Ghamidi voice, thank you and may bless you. MASHA ALLAH

  13. Mashaallah, Wallahi we are the witnesses when you will answer to Allah Azza wa Jallah that you used the good voice that He the Almighty bless you with by reciting the Alquran

  14. Jazaak - LLahu fiika. Allah (swt)will rewards you sheikh JANAT FIRDAUS inshaallah. Also will upgrade you and you family through this recitation of Quraan.

  15. Lovely recitation! I listen to his recitation everyday. His voice makes me like it more. We enjoy listening to you, Sheikh Al Ghamedi.
    Masha Allaah.

  16. May Allah showers Blessing down on you an your family and anybody listening to your splendid voice.l wish long life,good health and happiness

  17. Thank you very much, your voice is so sweat, I listen to your recitation everyday, in my opinion you are the best, I sware

  18. You are my best reciter of the holy Quran, ya Allah pls reward him...ameen and pls make my children be as good... ameen

  19. Allah am soo much blessed to listen to sheikh.ya sheikh may Allah bless u give u self sufficiency and paradise.

  20. maasha allah i love listening quran, may allah reward u, aameen jazakalah sheikh, i wish could have ur voice