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From the same country Bahrain


  1. I want to download Muhammad Taha Al Junayd's whole recitation of the Noble Qur'an. Please help.This Would be an enormous step for me into the world of Islam and I'm sure for others as well. I have the Qur'an App. on my android phone however I find it hard to memorize the text sometimes. I truely Love Islam and there is no other explanation, I want to learn more and Muhammad Taha is a huge Motivation for Me.
    If anyone could write back to me on this, I have a great business idea for mobile phones too. If one was to put a Qur'an recitation of Mr Junayd's voice on the Qur'an app for mobile, I think would be doing a massive deal of da'wah and I would LOVE to be apart of that.
    Yours Faithfully
    Leon Muhith

  2. His way of reciting Quran is amazing, so heart touching and unforgettable.I hope that he has complete 30 juz of surah so that others can download and listen to quran of his reciting. I really hope so. I wish I knew his email so that I can send him salam and how I want to express my feeling concerning his excellent way of reading Quran.

  3. i cannot express my pleasure to listen the recitations by taha aljunaid.i love him more than any person now present in this world.i pray Allah to arrange one meeting with this beautiful saint of Allah.may he live long and recite quran as much beautiful as he can.may Allah protect him from satan.

  4. Salaam
    You recite The Quraan beautifully, may Allaah reward you and your family in both the worlds. Make Duaa that I soon learn to pray the Quraan correctly. Also that my children learn to understand the Quraan. Ameen

  5. Masha Allah, such a beautiful voice and soulful recitation of Quran. May Allah give this child a long and saintly life and keep Sataan away from him. Jazak Allah khair

  6. May Allah give this child a long and saintly life.Masha Allah, such a beautiful voice and soulful recitation of Quran