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Biography of Mohanad Salem

Mohanad Salem

“We stayed until one after midnight in a fourth sit-in, and then we woke up and arrived at dawn... We got the news of the attack, so we got up ... Then he was shot by a bullet, he always wanted to be a Shahid and he obtained it.” This is how one of his friends describes moments before his death, the sudden death with his comrades in the Islamic trend in the square of Rabaa Al Adawiya after the overthrow of the Mursi regime. He is the late Sheikh and Quran reader Mohanad Salem, from Egypt.

Sheikh Mohanad Salem was known for his love to seek knowledge, as he memorized fully the holy Quran, and he deepened his knowledge of Islamic values, readings and rules. He obtained a certification according to Shouaba and Hafas Aen Assem’s recitation methods, and he was well known for his heartfelt and friendly voice.

In addition to his protests activism, Sheikh Mohanad Salem was the kind of people who share what they know with the others, during religious gatherings or reunions, and he was also an Imam, a preacher and Quran reciter.