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Biography of Marwan Salam

Marwan Salam

This Is the story of Sheikh Marwan Salam, a person who lived and died struggling to share his ideas and believing in them. He is a member of Egyptian Islamic movement, and one of the sons of Egypt who were protesting in the Maydan Al Tahrir square during the revolution of the 25th January and after the overthrow of the Morsi regime. He shouted with all his powers demanding change, until the day death took him away.

The Egyptian Sheikh Abu Hamza Marwan Salam is one of the holy Quran memorizers, who master its Tilawat and who understand well its meanings. He obtained two certifications according to Hafas Aen Assem from Al Shatibiya and according to Shouaba Aen Assem’s recitation method from Al Shatibiya, in addition to another certificate according to the readings of Abou Al Harith and Al Dawri Aen Al Kisai, and a certificate according to the readings of Idriss and Isaac.

Sheikh Marwan Salam was known among his peers by his high sense of revolution and for his huge want to make change happen, as it happens to be that he was one of the participants in the revolution of 25th January witnessed by Maydan Al Tahrir Square in the Egyptian Republic, and he kept his revolution until the day of the overthrow of the regime of Morsi, by doing a sit-in in Rabiaa Al Adawiya with the members of the Islamic current, and it was there where he was shot by the republican guards who came to dissolve the sit-in in that square, which obliged him to move to the Saudi Arabia in order to recover from his injury.

After finishing his recovery time, Sheikh Marwan Salam decided to return to his homeland, Egypt, but he learned that he was wanted by the police and the country security system, as the Egyptian authorities announced the decision to arrest every member of the Islamic current and every contester against the Morsi regime, which made him wait until things are more clear.

Being obliged to not go to Egypt, Sheikh Marwan decided to take his fight to Syria, as he used to frequent the front of the fighting in Syria in several areas, the last of which was Morik, in the countryside of Hamat, where he had passed away there in the battlefield may Allah have mercy on his soul.

In addition to his revolution activities, Sheikh Marwan Salam was a member of the Shari’a Committee for Rights and Reform that was founded by Muhammad Yusri Ibrahim. It is considered to be the largest Islamic gathering for the scholars, Sheikhs, and preaching entities in order to unify the Islamic community.