1. I'm very impressed with the voice of Imam Sheikh Maher Al Muaquely. Enchaa allah i can go to Makkah i see him personally to thanks him. Allah protect him enchaa allah.
    Ma chaa allah, really i like his recitation and i would like to practice it.

  2. Masha'ALLAH... sheikh Maher al Muaeyqeli your recitation is so pure, jazakallahu khayran. I feel so peaceful when I read & listening to Quran. We are so blessed by ALLAH (SWT) given this Holly Book that we can read, listening & follow the principles.

  3. Assalam wa alaikum, I love this sheikh voice it is so relaxing, Maa Shaa Allah. I pray that I get a chance to go to Makkah and pray behind him. May Allah bless him with good health and wealth and grant him good n this world and n the hereafter.

  4. I have listened many Qaries in my life but since i performed Hajj in 2007, i really like voice of Maher Mueaqly. I am listening him in my car and office regularly. His recitation always appeal to to my soul and heart. May Allah bless him.

  5. I like Sheikh Maher voice very much since from my first Umra in 2011. Since then I listen to his Quran recitation very much. Just a week ago I had a chance to listen and pray behind him in Maghrib prayer. May Allah give him long life.

  6. Asalam, my is Mahmood from Nigeria, I was at Umrah, February 2018, we prayed behind Shaik Maher, that was my first encounter and hearing his recitation, but Alhamdulillah, ever since then, I am very much attached to his recitations

  7. I'm a chemical engineer , I listen to Maher Al Mueaqly in my spear time . Mashallah I've been listening to him for about 3 to 4 years and I'm so impressed , I'm looking forward to go to The Haram and sheik Maher to be my Emam

  8. Recently i perform a salah in Mecca behinf Maher Al Mueaqly, the beautiful moment of my life. few years back i listen the recitation by him from that day I was making Dua to offer a salah behind him, Thanks to Almighty ALLAH.

  9. This so nice i never saw in my whole life this nice recitations it so sweet. when i went to Saudi Arabia when i was in prayer i felt like sleeping that's how much i like shiekh maher Al-mueaqly i wish if i was like him.

  10. assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah,
    Mashaallah his voice amazing...I was trying to hear full but i didn't find surah taha because after surah mariam then stopped..hope you don't mind to complete....jazakallahukhairan.

  11. MashaAllah. Shaykh Maher is the best recitor I've ever heard. His style is different. I can listen to this Shaykh all day long. JUST AMAZING! May Allah Azawajal reward the Shaykh and his family and bless all the Muslims.

  12. i want to go holly qabah, i want to listen quran by shaikh maher, and i also want to say adhan at Holly qabah,inshallah... may Allah almighty accept my holly dream, and help me fulfill it, ameen sum ameen........

  13. I have heard many suras from different parts of islamic world but since then I performed umrah ,with my wife,in 2007 we are in the view that Maher Al Mueaqly is the best of all.
    Gulshan Usman RYK Pakistan.

  14. This is my best reciter ever so he should keep in doing good recitation and my almighty God bless him and his entire family and also keep protection of Holy land against develish act.

  15. I never heard such soul touching recitation.lt is such a blessing of Almighty for Sheikh that he recites His book in this beautiful way .May Allah bless him with great reward.Ameen.

  16. I love the voice of maher-al-mueaqly. When you listen to his recitation it just touch your soul and your heart is filled with thee love of Almighty Allah. May Allah bless you.

  17. SubhanAllah! The most saccharine and gorgeous voice of reciting the Holy Quran. Would love and pleasure to see him as I am planning go for Hajj next year… Inshallah

  18. My name is Khadeeja alafasy and I am married to this sheikh's son.
    My dad is sheikh Mishrary Alafasy.
    I just love this recitation.
    I am very fond of this sheikh.

  19. 2014 I came to Mecca, We pray with your voice, hallelujah.
    What a beautiful voice,God bless...and now I'm always listening to you and Ilove you so much/ TURKEY

  20. I followed many recitation of maher elMuaqily with the Holy Quran and i i noticed that he did Zero mistake in "Kawa3ed ettajwid", nice voice hight performance.