1. I struggled everytime to pray behind him in mata'af during the 2011 hajj. I used to take special preparation at maghrib & isha. What a voice Allah has given him. It seemed the wavy verse used to come from the sky. So touchy and a special kind of gift from Almighty Allah. May Allah grant him long life. His recitation could inspire people to read and feel Quran more.

  2. Evey time I hear Imam Maher recite Yassin, I cannot control my emotions, I fell in love with his sweet voice that god has given him. Mashaallah. I hope if I can go again to Mecca, I wish to see him personally. I was there performing Haj in 2007, I bought a cd when I was there. My most wonderful moment.

  3. I was on umrah tour from 25.3.2015 at one Isha Namaz I was very much impressed by the recital of quran by the imam. I started finding his name I asked many people they were unable to answer me . I approached the near person and found his name as sheikh Mahir. what a voice and clear recitation of quran. Allah given such voice to all muslims.

  4. Assalam Alaykum. I appreciate the quran recitation of sheikh Maher Al mueaqily,his voice was very soft and wonderful,he is one of the best quran reciters.I also like him because of his degree in Mathematics and that is what am studing too in Nigeria,I pray for his successes here and hereafter,may God help us.Ameen

  5. what a remarkable gift giving to sheihk mahir by Allah the most high .. i truly love his way of reciting the holy quran and i am praying for him long life and success in the rest of his life ... this is what every true Muslim should imitate and be proud of instead of other radicals who are only influencing us to follow the material world

  6. Whenever i listen to his recitations my soul gets touched and feel like going to hajj he is a great reciter may the Almighty reward him Amen.
    He makes me feel like angles are near me at that time when am listening to his recitation my body is filled with goose bumps and i usually don't want to stop listening to him Oh my GOD.

  7. I think Maher Al Mueaqly is a great reciter. He and shaykh shruim has a similar style but a different voice :) . May Allah azawjal give us the twafiq of reciting the quran in the best way the way prophit muhammad(sas)thought us ameen!!!!

  8. MashAllaah he is my favourite reciter of the Qur'an. All praises belong to Allaah for giving Maher Al Mueaqly a phenomenal voice & ability. His recitation is very soothing & deep. May Allaah make us benefit from hearing his recitations & gain motivation to recite, learn & implement the Word of Allaah in our lives.

  9. MASHAALLAH Sheikh Mahir Al Mueaqly have really heart touching voice.may Allah bless him.i really like the voice of IMAMs of Haramain shareef specially Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais,Sheikh Al Saud Al Shuraim and Sheikh Mahir Al Mueaqly.i wish i would meet these Islamic Scholars and listen live Qirat INSHAA ALLAH.

  10. I can't find his complete recitation of the Holy Quran, but I've found some sourah in internet, Everytime I listen his recitation it makes an amazing effect deep inside my heart. It's extremely touching when I hear him crying while reciting a sourah. May Allah let me meet him and listen to him directly.

  11. Since growing up in my country, Nigeria, brother Maher Al Mueaqly has remained one of the reciters of Qur'an that inspire me. Allah continue to bless him and all those who recite, memorise, study or listen to the words of the almighty Allah.
    Abubakar Sufyan Said al-Sadiue,
    City University, London

  12. I my mother was at saudi arabia from dutgapur/ west benga/ india in the year 2007 december for performing hajji and we have heared rectitation of quran in the voice of sheikh salih al Talib and shaikh maher al muaeqily and since then we are very much fond of their voices as we performed salah behind

  13. Mashaallah shk Maher has got an excellent voice. me & my family like him & also shk Sudais, Shk Shuraim & Shk Thobaity. may Almighty Allah give them long and Healthy life. Espicially in the holy month of Ramadan we get to listen to all beautiful voices of all the Imams of both the holy Harams.

  14. Masha Allah, I could not resist listening to Sheikh Mahir's beautiful recital when I was at Haj in 2015. May Allah Bless me with the opportunity of listening to this voice in Haram again. Listening to him in that Holy place just connects you to the Quran in Salah. May Allah reward him.

  15. Since I heard the recitation of Imam Maher when I went for Hajj in 2011,since then I dont ever want to miss the recitation of Imam Maher , watching TV Makkah Live from Pakistan. May Allah maintain his voice as beautifully forever .
    Salam to all,
    Usman Mushtaq
    Rawalpindi Pakistan

  16. Masha Allah.his recietations make me cry.may Allah give me husband like him. Who I will always listen to. Who I will always remember as him.though I know is not possible to marry him.Allah has blessed him with a golden voice which is a gift from Allah to who so ever he choose to.

  17. How sweet the speech of Holly Quran. Really I listen to love Quran and Sometime I read. Maher Al Mueaqly one of my favorite one. His recitation is really heart touching. I had never been gone Saudi Arabia. But I wish I must go there for Hajj In sa allah. Allah bless him.

  18. Just Allah bless him.
    Whenever I hear his Al Fateha sura I can't control my tears. His voice and his controlling is the best which i ever heard.
    He is the number 1.
    God bless him.
    I hope one day can come to mecca and pray behind him.
    I hope to see him.

  19. As salam. I was at Makkah,2009 Hajj, first time, have heard Quran recitation the Maher al Muaeqly voice. I was very very effected. Listen to him very very important for me. Every day listen to him. As salam you Seikh Mahir.
    Sami BAYRAM

  20. Mashallah, Sheikh Maher has a God gifted voice. All the Sheikhs in the holy harams in Makkah & Madinah have very beautiful voice. May Almighty grant them Jaza Khair for their services. Sheikh Sudias & Sheikh Shuraim should not be forgotton as well.