1. May Allah grant him Al-jannatu fridaus he voice is very interesting and so lovely it give me happiness any time any day i listen to Ya Allah forgive him, his parent and all his relative their sin and all the muslim ummah that believe in you and your prophets and all you message .

  2. his voice give me peace and treat my sickness. please use his voice to treat the sick people . I like to hear Guraan from him , believe it or not but we should try to make him an international recitor ! all the muslim must hear him , must know him , must hear his voice

  3. Maa shaa Allah.
    Just beautiful, mesmerising and unique.
    I'd love to see his recitation on Quran Apps. For now, I shall enjoy him on my laptop.

  4. I so interesting to listen his Goldan voice Allah provided him when he recitation in quran l bless to Allah forgiveness & pardise.thanks

  5. Masha Allah Barakallahu fiika sheekh Al Zayn
    That is a great and i want to say all of you Thank you
    God bless you

  6. mashaALLAH, Beautiful!! The way sudanese recite the Quran is Amazing.
    i can olnly say MashaAllah. beautifulllll

  7. Maansha allah .so interesting to listening beautiful voice.may allah Grant him al janatul fardusa.thats great