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  1. Masha Allah. What a butifull and melodious voice he has. May Allah live him long to serve Quran and Islam. May Allah make our kids reciting like him.
    Of cource Quran is the last Great Book of Allah Almighty. It invites us to recognise our Creator ( The Allah ) and bend before Him before the time of death.

  2. Subhan allah, what a beautiful qirat, it purifies the heart, the mind and the surroundings all around. Mashallah. I like to listen to the quran recited by Ahmed Al Mesbahi every day in the evening. It helps me to destress and brings me closer to Allah.

  3. subhkanallah, thanks to a servant of God who is very melodious voice, and hopefully he's got a blog that's always got help from God to reach his paradise as well as his parents and his family and all Muslims.

  4. I used to listening different reciters, but this kid in different planet. May Allah protect this kid from any kind of distriction which displease Allah (S.W.T)