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Biography of Ahmed Al hodaifi

Ahmed Al hodaifi

Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali Bin Abdul Rahman Al Hodaifi is a Saudi Imam and Quran reciter, and he is the son of "Sheikh “Ali Al Hodaifi”.

Sheikh Ahmed Al Hodaifi is an Imam and a preacher in “Qubaa” mosque In Medina. He is also working in the committee of teaching at the “Islamic University” in Medina, in the Quran interpretation and sciences department.


  1. I love your voice and the way you recite the Quran with tajweed .Masha Allah!
    I wish you the best in this life and the life after.
    Assalamu alaikum.

  2. Masshalla....nice voice. May Allah Subhanahu protectect him. May live long.....you recite the Quran with nice tajweed .