1. barakart ar Rahman 2009-05-29 08:50:41

    Once in a while ALLAH sends by his mercy a recitor of the Koran who truly breaks peoples arrogance and brings them to tears right from the heart and brings them to humilaty,Sub harn ALLAH this sheik is the one who does this for me and truly i pray for ALLAH give this sheik what is good for him here and in the hereafter and may ALLAH bless all the people who have anything to bring this man to the level he is at know Ameen masalam

  2. barakart Ar Rahman 2009-06-19 10:19:54

    Certanly ALLAH swt has blessed the sheikh with a beutiful voice,in my opinion as a conisuer of koran listening he is the best,but there are some more sheiks namely maher from makkah and ali sheik ali from madeena both very good but not in the league of this man there is Abdul azeez ansar on islamway radio reciting sura anfal,maybe someone will please make a english transalation of this recitation,ALLHAMDULILLA i thank ALLAH swt for blessing us with these recitors and pray ALLAH swt blesses all the people who have had anything to do in bringing this recitation to the masses jazak ALLAH khair.

  3. Basem Saraireh 2011-03-27 04:15:02

    May Allah bless Sheik Al-Ajame;I agree with the brother who wrote about the God;s mercy in sending a recitor like Sheik Al-Ajame. Allah yejzeeh all the blessings

  4. sheikh aram zahedi 2012-02-24 17:57:19

    Only someone could help me a lot and listen to the Quran, Sheikh I was Ahmed Al Ajmi
    I'm living in Iran
    I'm at the Sunni.
    I wish one day I saw him and he'd kiss
    The sound is really beautiful and blessed
    Our situation is not good Sunnis in Iran
    I will come to Saudi Arabia
    I live in the Holy Land