1. Assalamu Alaikum brother Ahmed Ali Al Ajmi,
    My name is Ahmed Al-Shattawi from Iraq,
    I am asking my God to reward you the paradise because I really love you and your voice in Allah
    your brother Ahmed Al-Shattawi from Iraq.

  2. Asallamu-Allaykum:
    I first heard Sheikh Ajmi on Islam Channel and the voice of Sheikh Ajmi really enters into my heart. May ALLAH bestow his mercy on Sheikh Ajmi, creators of this website and also on the whole ummah. (Aameen)

  3. I want you to be my friend.And I want to take your voice I came from Ghana,if you request my comment i will to be with you every day and every time,I have completing the full (quran),I am now going to (sanawi)to write Exams

  4. I am speechless after this beautiful recitation. These words that couldn't have been written by anyone but God, they struck me in the heart. Most beautiful words I have ever heard. May Allah bless this gifted qari. Ameen.

  5. His voice makes you cry, really soul touching (most favourate Surah 39).
    May ALLAH (SWT) Bless you and your family sheikh "Salam from Australia". I hope Allah bless all Muslims in this world. Love and Salam again!

  6. I listened him in 1988 when i was eleven at sharjah tv as it was newly started tv. MashALLAH he is awesome and tajweed is the best may ALLAH reward him for reciting his beautiful book through his beautiful voice.

  7. Asallaamu Aleykum.
    Many thanks to You, my point of view Shiek Ahmed is the best of Koran recider on the world. i collected from Cds from Mecca last month During Hajj to Somalia.
    Allah with you.

  8. masallah this sounds like is a message from the heaven i love surah ali imran is so calm and heart trembling he is the world must outstanding reciter

  9. Masha Alaah, Tabaraka Alaah May Alaah bless Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajami, it was 2013 when I heard his amezing voice & he is my best Quran reciter.

  10. I love ahmad ali ajmi his voice is very affective and outstanding he is one of the best reciter i love him

  11. I really like the voice of Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi. What a beautiful style of Quran recitation! masha'allah