1. Asalamu alykum.
    The first time I listen to sheikh ahmed bin ali al-ajmy was when I was at Somalia when I listen to surah ale imran it made me cry of the beautiful voice. Now I recite in his style. Please I invite all of you to listen to sheikh ahmed ajmy surah imran and the whole quran and my the blessings of Allah be on all of you.

  2. As-salaam Alaikum. Its a pleasure to listen to Imam Ahmed AL ajimi. The manner, he recite the Holy Quran is the best one can follow. He makes you think about the day of judgment and also make you concentrate on Islamic Teachings.
    May the blessings of Almighty be upon HIM and the uh-ma. May he live long for the cause of Islam.

  3. AOA,
    Sheikh Ajmi is one of the great recitors. I am a great admirer of his style of recitation. If one wants to feel the difference then please listen to Surah Rehman recited by Sheikh Ajmi. Its so passionate, and makes you touch your soul and would shed tears.
    May God bless him, and have mercy on all of us (Ameen)

  4. Ahmed Al Ajmi is the best and the most wonderful reciter in the world. ALLAH loves him so much to give him like this sound. His sound is so clear and beautiful. I never listened to a sound like his sound. All this words I really feel it and ALLAH knows that. I wish you a happy life in the obeyment and love of ALLAH.

  5. Ahmed Al Ajmi inspired me when I got a mail with the recitation of surah qadr during ramadan of 2004. I did not know the name of the reciter but his voice made tears run down. Today is the first ramadan of 2009 and I found the same surah qadr on line. May Allah bless him. I hope he will pray for me. Assalam Aleykum.

  6. Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuhu
    Almighty Allah brought me across this web-page to leave a comment , a day before a great scholar of his deen was born . One of the most beautiful voices with Allah's words . May Allah keep this great recitation of yours for generations to follow .

  7. Aslamualikum,
    I have to say only mashalah very nicely recited great!!
    I have completely downloaded the holy Quran recited by Ahmed Al-Ajmi. I love him, I pray to him and pray to those who are supporting this site and also uploading such a nice the Holy Quran Recitation.
    God bless you

  8. Assalamualykum!
    I am Muhammad Adnan Alajmi from Pakistan.I like the recitation of Shykh Ahmad Alajmi from the core of my heart which I am listening from my childhood.
    And it is the effect of his vioce that I memorize The Holy Quran.May Allah bless Him and give him a long life.
    I love Ahmad bin ali alajmi.

  9. every single day i listing they making me carrying mash Allah he got really nice voice i told all my friends to listing on Google and you tube as well all them they say mash Allah really nice i wish one day i meet up him talking to him face to face say say mash Allah i don't know really what can say

  10. Shaikh Al Ajmi is not only good quranic reciter,but also he is having a very well gentle attitude religiously , socially, he is humble to all religion people,as i was met him several times in alkhobar while i was working for Carlton hotel located at Dammam khobar highway.
    a person to appreciate.

  11. Salam 3alykom at the first,
    I would like to say that cheik Ahmed is the best reader for Qura'an in the world, this does not mean that other reader is bad but I prefer cheik Ahmed voice than others.
    I feel relax when i listen to his voice,
    I hope Allah bless all Muslims in this world.

  12. O My God, give a long life to Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ajmi. God gifted sweet and heart beating voice he has. Thanks to Allah the Almighty for this great gift you have given to Muslims.Wish to hear his voice every moment. May I request all muslim brothers to remember me in their prayers.

  13. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Al-Hamdulliallah to Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi who Allah has blessed with a beautiful voice to recite the quran. When I first hear the Sheikh's voice it warmed my heart and brought water to my eyes. May Allah be pleased with your recitation and teaching.

  14. Salam to all brothers and sisters.
    Ahmed Al Ajmi is fantastic all praise to Allah the almighty. I love the way he recites the quaran, to those who like listening to ahmed al ajmi please listen to sura hashr....tears tears tears. Make dua for all.

  15. Assalamu Alikum,
    Sheikh Ahmed Ajmi's reciting is truly amazing. May Allah bless him with a long healthy life. I equally like Sheik Abdu Rahman Assudais, the great Imam of Haram Shareef. May Allah grant both of them Magfira and Janna.
    Muhammad Farook

  16. Peace and blessing be upon you and all of as our great Islamic leader I really love your voice I'm totally mad to listen Qur'an in your voice subhan Allah your voice is totally beautiful thanks to allah and thanks to Ahmed al ajmi remember as in dua Jazak allah

  17. ASA to all my Muslim Brothers & Sisters.
    May ALLAH bless Sheikh Ahmed Al Ajmi. First time I heard his amazing voice was 2005 when my first son was born. He has the most soothing, most beautiful voice I've ever heard. To me, he is the best Quran reciter.

  18. My favourite Qari! MasyaAllah, such a blessed voice! His voice contains so much depth, it forces you to internalize every word. May Allah grant him Jannah in the hereafter. Love and support from your brothers and sisters in Singapore. Do pay us a visit!

  19. Aslm, my muslim brothers and sisters. May allah bless shiekh Ahmed Al Ajmi. When he recites any surah like surah al-baqara, he cries and I get tears in my eyes and start reciting with him. May allah forgive him every sin and admit him to jannah.

  20. Assalamu alaykum
    I am from Tajikistan from Middle Asia I would like to send my son to your family dear Ahmed Al Ajmi we love your voice and we listen you every day i would like my son to be your student
    Please contact me
    Best wishes