1. I cannot stop listen to him he is one of the best may Allah rewards him. I listen to him when I went to makkah since then I alwa listen to him. Great voice you also feel the faith on his voice.

  2. Assalam brothers and sisters, i would like to express my feeling about shiek Adil voice. he has a beautiful voice for the holy quran. May Allah guides him and give long life with afiya.

  3. Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani is my best reciter of the Holy Qur'an of all times. May Allah reward him immensely for bringing taqwa to my heart whenever I listen to his recitation.

  4. Ma Sha Allah.! Shiekh Kalbani's recitation is beautiful. May Allah elevate his status & grant him the highest level of jannah. May Allah preserve such a lovely voice.!