1. A soft and sweet recitation of the Quran that somewhat resonates with the beating of my heart. I am pleased that Allah (SWT)is my Rubb and that Islam is my religion and that the Prophet(SAW) is the prophet of Allah.

  2. SUBHANA ALLAH ,ALLAH AKBAR, very emotional and touches the heart Qur'an recitation ever, made me cry, may Allah (swt) bless Abubakar shatri, Inshallah, nrb Kenya

  3. my favourite reciter since I was a child. He reaches the heart. I hope to hear him live someday! does anyone know what mosque he pray tarawi7?

  4. Masha'allah very pleasant voice he had which refreshes the heart and soul!!! may Allah bless him with the great stages of jannah!!!

  5. Mashaallah...may Allah bless him with the highest stages of Jannah,made me cry,really touches my heart and soul.

  6. Subhan Allah. He is blessed with a pleasant voice which really touches the heart and reaches through the soul.