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Biography of Abu Abdullah Munir El Tounsi

Abu Abdullah Munir El Tounsi

In the field of the « Tajweed » of the holy Quran, having a heartfelt voice alone won’t make you famous. What is more important is to refine it and enhance it by learning the science and the fundamentals of Quranic readings. Once this has been mastered and merged with a beautiful voice, you can become a reader with a great reputation among the specialists of the “Tajweed”. In fact, Sheikh Abu Abdullah Munir El Tounsi is well known for this combination; as he is one of the most talented and experienced Quran readers who are popular for their sweet voice and for their “Tajweed” rules mastery.

Sheikh Abu Abdullah Al Moudafar Al Sfaksi El Tunsi was born on the 7th July, 1935, and he was distinguished since his childhood by his belief in the necessity of seeking knowledge everywhere, as he moved to several different countries in his quest to deepen his knowledge including Tunisia, Al-Sham, Saudi Arabia, etc, and he graduated from the Islamic University in Medina.

In this context, the Tunisian sheikh was educated and taught by many sheikhs, most notably Sheikh Oyun Al Saud, Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al Qadi and Sheikh Al Albani, along with Sheikh Ibn Baaz.

Also, Sheikh Abu Abdullah Munir El Tounsi worked as a teacher of the Quranic readings in numerous counties of the Maghreb, such as Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria and as a result, several students graduated under his supervision including Abou Yasser Abdul Kabir Akboub, Noureddine Al Khalti, and Abou Jaafar.

Besides all that, Sheikh Abu Abdullah was known among the Quran reciters by the reciter who coupled sincerity and mastery in his Quranic readings, and he was also the first to introduce the recitation of Warsh from “Al Asbahani” in Morocco and Algeria, and it became an accredited method by the Imams and the reciters.


  1. Mashallah ...so hypnotic, mesmeric and so powerful recitation. I have searched for one strong reciter. He is the one who has the sweetness, sincerity and depth that is unmatchable.