1. in the name of ALLAH,the all merciful and the vert merciful.peace and greet on his prophet MOUHAMED.I'm moslem,i'm senegalese and i like greatly Abdallah matroud i like him so much;that's as if i knew him.When i'm alone that is always he that accompanies.That the good Lord payes him the whole Saint Koran that he recied for us and for our children.thanks Abdallah matroud.

  2. Bubacarr jallow 2011-05-10 13:40:29

    I just want to say that he should come to Africa in The Gambia and we will show him how we love him,he is a great man Abdallah matroud i wish i was your brother from the same mother and father and i wish i was your student so that you teach me the Quran more....Peace be upon you.

  3. Bubacarr jallow 2011-05-18 13:24:10

    That is true my brother Abdallah matroud is our Sheikh,he leads us and we will follow,may Allah grant him Jannah.....