1. Mashaallah!what a heart trembling & Fascinating Heavenly reading of the Holy Quran. When I listen to Him (Jazakumullahu Kheir) I feel like am in Heaven Alhamdulillah May The Almighty Allah Put Him in High Ranking "Ahlul-Jannah" and forgive to all his listeners Ameen.

  2. I like this voice and I always ask Allah to help me getting this voice Inshaallah but how can I get his address and contact if is legal, but I think you get him easily.
    Allah keeping protecting all have his book in the mind on this throughout World

  3. Masha'Allah may we all we be blessed to hear amazing such recitations and soften our hearts and have the thirst to learn the knowledge and make effort to follow the path to righteousness and fulfill our role in praising and worship of the Almighty.

  4. Alhamdulillah! This is a very unique recitation of the Holy Qur'an, unequaled in its clarity and mind-soothing effect. May Allah reward the reciter and those responsible for its dissemination in multiples. Ameen.

  5. The best recitation that I always like to listen. Mashallah... Abdullah Matrood has been granted the beautiful recitation voice.. May Allah reward him for his recitation..

  6. Allah gifted voice and his right utilization. Abdullah Matrood's recitation gives us peace in my heart. O Allah give him best reward in this world and day after. Ameen

  7. Al-hamudullilah, may Allah place him among the righteous in muslims and whenever I hear SHK Matrood whatever stress I have just goes away.

  8. Alhamdulillah Tabarakallah. Very good recitation of the Qur'an with a melodious sound. Jazakallahu bikhir ameeen.

  9. Excellent recitation & collection. Must visit this site and listen to the marvellous collection on this site.

  10. Masha Allah Barakallah I really appreciate and enjoy this side my Allah bless you at all level in your live