1. Wow!!! this is amazing, sheik Abdallah's conclusion of the verses is so good especially according to the meaning of the verse. That is if the verse is questioning he also ends it in a questionable way.

  2. May Allah continue to bless the Sheikh because he is such a motivation, light and guidance for me and there is not a day that passes me by without yearning to be near him, may Allah grant him Jannah...

  3. first i thank to allah who allowed us to create islamic website, second i than the individuals who strive to build this site so my favorite is to listen qur'aan and have completed right now.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum may Allah Taala bless, guide and protect our great shieks and reward them with Aljanatul firdaousi insha Allah for all their good work, may Allah accept it as an act of ibadah Amin.

  5. As-salamu aleykum. The first thing I'll say is masha-allah I can't describe what i feel when I listen Abdullah al Matrood reciting the holy quran. He driving me crazy. GOD bless all muslims amen.

  6. MashaAllah.. what a great wonderfull voice. I Would also like to be like you or even better than you do. You are among the best of the best. And I will also like to meet you. love you all. EMESY

  7. Waw beautiful wonderful voice he make me feel happy when ever i feel sad if I listened to him I'm praying my God help us and guide us straight part

  8. In the name of God,Most Gracious,Most Merciful.
    May Allah bless Sheikh Abdallah Matroud
    and give janatul firdows

  9. Nice voice. I'm proud to be a muslim. I'm fourteen and live in Saudi Arabia. I've been to Makkah alot of times Alhamdulillah

  10. mashallah this website is really helpful to me may allah reward whoever made this website and grant them jannatul firdus

  11. MashAllah!I really love this reciter.One of the best in my opinion.May Allah bless him and the creators of the website.

  12. Maa shaa Allah, God bless and Give Aljanat Firdsus to Sheikh Abdullah Matrood. I like him and I wish to visit Saudi .