1. Masha'allah to the creators of this website, and Masha'allah to Abdullah Matrood, May Allah grant you entrance to Jannah, and to all the mumineen that have passed on, may Allah forgive them their sins and those before them till the begining. AMEEN.

  2. For over two decades now Al-Madroud has been my closest companion whenever I wish to listen to Quranic recitation. May Allah reward this brother and all other reciters of the Holy Book.
    Abubakr Al-Siddiq, City University, London

  3. maachaaAllah.Abdallah Matroud's recitations go directly in my heart.here in Senegal,there are radio stations who broadcast his recitations and i try often to recite like him.it's a good thing to discover this address.CONGRATULATION!!!

  4. Assalaam alaikum brothers and sisters. Sheikh Abdullah al-Matroud's voice is amazing. May Allah grant him success in this world and hereafter. Does anyone have Sheikh Abdullah al-Matroud's full recitation of Surah al-auraaf( surah 7)?

  5. Mashaa Allah. May Allah (SWA) have mercy on Sheikh Abdallah Matroud and all Muslims. i enjoy listen to the quranic recitation of Sheikh Matroud. May Allah bless us with such beautiful Saut and Knowledge of the Quran. Salaamu Aliakum.

  6. Asalamu Alaikum, i can't describe how i feel while listing the beautiful and blessed voice of sheikh Abdullah Matroud. his voice is always in my mind and gives me hope to be better in islam. May ALLAH SWT grand u jannahtul FARDOWS

  7. Assalamualaikum
    his voice is very touching. may Allah bless him.May Allah grant you entrance to Jannah, and to all the mumineen that have passed on, may Allah forgive them their sins and those before them till the begining. AMEEN.

  8. Masha Allah, Barak Allah! It's a beautiful voice, may Allah grant Sheikh Abdallah his blessings & rewards and May Allah guide us all (Umat Mohammad). Sheikh Abdallah Al-Matroud inspires many hearts & may Allah grant you Jannat.

  9. MashaAllah! What a beautiful voice and unique style!
    He recites the glorious Quran at a wonderful relaxed pace.
    May Allah grant him Jannat-Al-Firdaws and forgive him his sins and protect him from the Hellfire.

  10. Assalam-o-Alaikum. SUBHANALLAH. Very soft and heart touching voice. Each and every word as you recite feels so good that i have no word to describe. May Allah bless you and may give you great reward here and at the End.

  11. I pray to have the understanding of what it is I am reciting, and that I can be moved in the way that this brother is being moved.Ameen. It made me cry Maashallah his voice has got pain .
    God bless all muslims.

  12. Abdallah Matroud thanks to Allah is a very good reciter. His biography is filled with many interesting facts and i would like this website to come up with them quickly so people can know more about this great reciter.

  13. MaashaAllah... What a beautiful voice he had. Alhamdulillah. Let's keep listening to Sheikh Al Matrood recitation so he would keep getting the reward from Allah for it. Baraak Allah Feekum for the websites owner(s).

  14. I am lover of all kinds of Qur'anic recitations but there is no one that gives me as much comfort and brings me closer to God as (like) Abdallah Matroud recitation. May Allah SWT reward him abundantly, Anderssen.

  15. Assalamualaikum my dear Muslims. masha'allah! I have no word to describe this sheikh but masha'allah! I love his voice and it calms my heart down. May Allah bless him and grant him Jannah. . . Ammen insha'allah.

  16. Masa Allah, his recitation is just great. I pray the the almighty grand us all the benefits of the quran and give us the best in this world, the hereafter and save our souls from the "azab" of the blazing fire.

  17. Asalamuclaykum my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam.After that i am very thankful for the people who made this website i have memorized like half of the quran.And also i love sh Matroud's voice Manshallah.

  18. From Africa to Saudia is more than a million mile but to me the Sheikh is like he is in my heart, soul and life may he always be around us so that we can always benefit from his genius works insha Allah...

  19. Asalamualaiqum
    I alway listen Shekh Abudullah Matrood recitation,Allah (SWT) has gave such wonderful voice Allah (SWT) has gave him such a marvellous voice.
    I wish I recite like him one day.

  20. I love Shaykh Ali Jaber and any parodies of his recitations. Shaykh Abdallah Matroud, no doubt, brings home the memories of the noble Shaykh and the nostalgic past. May Allah be pleased with them and us.