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Biography of Abdullah Awad Al Juhani

Abdullah Awad Al Juhani

Abdullah Awad Al Juhani… a skilled Quran Reader

His voice is sweet, and his pronunciation is well adjusted, he grew up in a conservative entourage, and he loved the Quran, as a result he learnt it by hear at an early age, he was specialized in Quran Reading, and carried on his studies in Quran Sciences, he possesses many audio-video of Quranic recordings which confirm his talent and his technical expertise in reading the Quran, not to mention his melodious voice, we’re talking here about Abdullah Ibn Awad Ibn Fahd Ibn Maayouf, Ibn Abdellah Ibn Mohammed, Ibn Kadyowan Alhamimi Dhubiani Al Juhani.

He was born in Medina in 1976, among a conservative family who did very well in educating him, as a result he had an affinity to Quran and was able to learn it by heart at an early age, and he participated in a number of competitions. At the age of sixteen, he won the first place in the global competition of reading the Quran which was hosted in Mecca. As part of his commitment and Interest in the Holy Book, he carried on his post-graduated studies at the College of the Holy Quran in the Islamic University in Medina and obtained a bachelor degree.

The professional and personnel experience of Abdullah Awad Al Juhani allowed him to occupy a number of positions and responsibilities, specifically in leading prayers, as he was able to lead prayers in his twenties, in Qiblatayn Mosque In Medina for 2 years, Qubaa for 4 years, and the holy mosque in 1426. In addition to that, he was nominated as a member in the educational department at Muslim Faculty in Medina. He showed a great mastery of the Quran technique in this period, and as result, his way of reciting was acknowledged by a number of experts.

Thanks to his strong voice then, and the great passion for recitation of the Book of God, Al Juhani did his best to study Quran science in the university, and he’s currently preparing a PHD in Um Al Qura University in Mecca.


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  1. Ma Sha Allah!!! Marhaba!!! What a sight!!! Silvery Gift of Allah in the Ka’bah!!!
    At first I watched Makkah Taraweeh in the Ramadan 1432/2011. I became wondered at Sheikh’s variety of recitation in different Surahs and signs. Allah the merciful glorified him by an electrifying voice. Sheikh ‘Abdullah Al-Juhany is a picture creating reciter.
    Various moments like stream flow [Nahr] or drizzling; sometimes like flying bird or stormy; quickly, slowly, lovely; occasionally emotional and too frightened tune in the signs of Akhirah. As well we see different histories at his voicing. Watching the sights I thought I may try to express feelings in paper. Then I wrote an article that is being continued to update as well added more reciters with their Qira’ah.
    I am a Bangladeshi. Previously I never thought about writing in English. It was very difficult to me. Even I did not/could not read English book or newspaper. So I think Allah made me to start English by voice of Sheikh Juhany. As well Al-Quran is the centre and heart of all kinds of art, literature and culture.
    To enjoy Sheikh’s absolute brilliance and radiance we may observe Kaba Taraweeh and Salaat. Sheikh transmits by different alters in Taraweeh and regular Salaat. Just an example: Sheikh’s addressing of the Surah Fatiha is exceptionally glorious and by diverse of tunes. May Allah grant Sheikh & others Imams also us best gifts in the earthen life also in hereafter.

  2. Masha Allah. I am from Pakistan. My city is Quetta. I like each Imam of Haramain sharifain. Actually they are the king of the world. I proud on them. They are the lucky persons through all over the world. Why? Because ALLAH AZZA WA JEJJ gave him Imamet of Masjid e Haram & Masjid e Nabvi. I have got the chance to perform Hajj twice in my life, in 2008 & 2010. I am still remembering these great personalities of world. It is my great wish in life to meet face to face with them with my family members. I pray to ALLAH AZZA WA JELL to give a chance to me and my family members to come to KSA to perform Hajj & meet with the said personalities.
    Cell # 03337863831

  3. Alhamdulillah!!!
    First of all I am from America, I thank the builders of this Islamic site for their work. May Allah subhana wa t'Allah reward them.
    Abdullah Awad Al Juhani is the greatest quran recitor, his voice particularity attracts all Muslims who heard him reciting the unique and glorious Quran. I, as a muslim, am happy for Him, may Allah the Merciful gives him long life, protects his family and reserves him a place in Jannah. Abdullah Awad Al Juhani, I really love his recitation. Salat to Mohamed Rassulullah, Peace and benediction of Allah be upon Him.
    Assalam Aleykum.

  4. alhamdullilah i was given the oppurtunity by Allah to visit his sacred house this ramadhan for umrah, and 1 of the things that inspired me thhe most was the recitation of shaykh juhany. it it absolutely amazing!! his taraweeh salah could be heard from afar and the way he recites it his heart rendering.
    even now his fajar salah is never missed by me. his manner of reading the quraan with the level of tajweed is just beautiful.
    may allah give him a long life and grant him the highest place in jannatul firdaws. ameen may allah also call us to his home again and again. ameen

  5. First of all I am from somalia, I thank the builders of this Islamic site for their work. May Allah reward them.
    Abdullah Awad Al Juhani is the greatest quran recitor, his voice particularity attracts all Muslims who heard him reciting the unique and glorious Quran. I, as a muslim, am happy for Him, may Allah the Merciful gives him long life, protects his family and reserves him a place in Jannah. Abdullah Awad Al Juhani, I really love his recitation. Peace and benediction of Allah be upon Him.
    asalamu alaikum

  6. Alhamdulillah,
    May Allah continue to bestow his blessings on you Abdallah Al Juhani. In-fact you always inspire me in to tears with your mode of blessed recitation. I always feel more than contented whenever you lead us in prayers either during Umra or Hajj.
    May Almighty ALLAH continue to bless you and all the other remaining Imams who are also indeed good in their Quranic recitations. May ALLAH grant us Aljanna Firdausi, Ameen.

  7. Alhamdoullilah!
    Like the other brothers have said, Sheikh Juhani has a magnificent voice Mashaa Allah, particularly in Tarawih during Ramadaan. I look forward to see and listen to him on tv everyday during Ramadaan and I have been fortunatele enough (through Allah's Mercy) to pary behind him in Makkah. May Allah bless him and his family.
    All praise be to Allah and our Peace and Blessings on our Beloved Prophet (SAW).

  8. Alhamdulillah!!! I'm from Nigeria and always proud to be a devoted Muslim.Allah (SWA) has indeed blessed Sheik Abdullah Awad Al Juhani with a golden voice that touches all Muslims heart.I wish I can recite the glorious Quran like him,May Allah (SWA) in His wisdom continue to guide,guard & protect him & his family.May Allah grant him Al Jannatul Firdaus,amen.

  9. Salaam
    I am a very huge fan of Sheikh Juhani. He is the best imaam along with Shuraim and Sudais. I love when he does the regular salaat and taraweeh.
    May Allah give him even more beautiful voice. If you listen to his fatiha you will be amazed of how he reads fatiha. Insha'Allah when my family and I go for ummrah I could see him and pray with him.

  10. May Allah Guive him and all of us, ameen. He is such a wonderful reciter, I always enjoy his recitation and gets never boared of it. Masallah, reading his biography, what a great work he and his family has put up to make someone like him today. a lesson to my self first and foremost and to the whole ummah. Jazakallahukhairan Ya shaykh Abdullah.

  11. Assalam wa alaikum,
    I am from India working in Kuwait. I love to list Shaikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhani's electrifying voice. I had been for Umrah and prayed behind him. Mashallah, when we listen to him, we feel a totally different atmosphere. May Allah give him health and bless him and his family.

  12. I just praise Allah to live to see and hear great Quran recitors of Juhany caliber. I just pray that such people are multiplied in the generation to come so that our children can have chance to hear and learn from them.
    May Allah reward him for his great effort to recite the Holy book in the best tone possible.

  13. Reality is that, recitation of Abdullah Awad is very very nice, Maasha'ALLAAH Sheikh Al Juhani's tangue mixed with sweet I think; I always like to listen his quran recitation. May Allah the Almighty gives him a long life and confirm a palace in Paradise (Jannatul Ferdaous.

  14. Maasha'ALLAAH Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhani has great voice and best recitation. I love him for the Sake of ALLAH. May Almighty ALLAH forgive his sins and guarantee him a place in Janatul-Fardowz with others reciter. Insha'allaah. Amiin. I am from Nigeria (Abuja).

  15. Asselamu alaykum ue rahmetullahi ue berekatuhu!
    May Allah strengthen the beautiful voice of muslims and blessings to Abdullah Awad Al Juhani.
    InshAllah we are going to continue the same way as our prophet salAllahu alejyi ue selam until the last day.

  16. What an excillent spritual voice with a dominent klam-ullah.
    I am surprized with the way Allah (SWT) has given him to express the words of the Holly book dominent to all books.
    Allah may give him all happines of life and there-after.

  17. Masha Allah the voice of shekh juhany make me feel like i m stndng in masjidil haram ! Allah give this person place in paradise n to all (Islamul muslimin) ameen. Ya Allah send the mercy to all muslim in the world specially in syria.

  18. i Am from KARACHI pakistan. i very much like recitation of Abdullah awad al juhani. his style & voice is marvellous worth hearing. May Allah SubhanTaala bless him & his familly alwaysin this world & thereafter in jannah.

  19. Sheikh-ul-Kabir, awesome reciter of quraan. We need more like this. Good examples to our youth. I'd like to meet Sheikh one day and invite him over to our country South Africa. May Allaah grant a high stage in Jannah.

  20. Assalaamualaikum,
    Alhamduli'Allaah we are Muslim, and have reciters like Abdullah Awad..
    Very classic recitation, with a style of patience and humility.
    Allaah preserve him and those like him. Aameen

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