1. ibn elneel almasry 2008-11-28 23:29:02

    Thank you for this excellent site with such rare recitations of the Holy Quran. May Allah help you and reward you for your great effort.

  2. SYED AMJAD ALI 2013-02-20 08:00:53

    GREAT WEBSITE. I am very leased to seee the pictures of Qari Basit and others Qurras. I have been listening to Qari Basit (May Allah Bless his soul) ever since I was a student of class 9th through casetes back in in 1981. I can still remember his Qirat of Sorah Al takweer, Al Tariq, al Dodha , which were simply outstanding and unforgettable. I obtained M.Sc in Economics from International Islamic University Islamabad, where most of my teachers were Egyptians (Al Azhar predominantly. I just wanted to hear Sorah Al takweer, Al Tariq, al Dodha now but i could not see those in web sites.
    Abbottabad PAKISTAN

  3. Very Beautiful web site, particularlly in this regard, Offcouse Great working from you, Allah Will give you Ajr-e-Azeem. Ameen.
    Zaheer A. Chaudhry
    Sialkot - Pujnab - Pakistan.