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Biography of Abdul Aziz Al Ahmed

Abdul Aziz Al Ahmed

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed is a Saudi Qur’an reciter born, Abdel Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Mohamed Al Ahmad, on Rajab 20, 1387 Hijri in Buraida.

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed memorized the Holy Qur’an from renowned Cheikhs like Soulaimane Al Ghafis, Abdul Aziz Al Harbi and Abdullah Al Bassam. He also took lessons in the Hadith.

Abel Aziz Al Ahmed is a graduate of the Mohamed Ibn Saoud Islamic University. He got his degree in Psychology in 1410. He enrolled to the master in 1417 and then to a doctorate in 1423. His second doctorate was carried out in Sharia and Islamic Sciences.

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed had recorded some of his recitations including Al Morattal (1422), Tarawih wa Al Qiyam (1414-1415).

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed has worked as teacher in Ibn Saoud Faculty till 1423 HIjri and then joined the stuff of Al Kassim Faculty during the same year.

Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed was imam and reciter numerous mosques in Saudi Arabia like Arrachid and Ibn Sobaih mosques in Al Kassim and Al Badaoui’s mosque in Makkah, Jeddah. He participates in many Islamic events giving lectures and interviews about different topics related to Islamic issues. He contributed to the Islam world library by many works.


  1. Aslamu aleykum
    Masha allah you read so good you are always cofortable and you are always cofident.
    Allah blessed you with a beatiful voice, may allah have a place in heaven for your relatives,friends and specialy you.
    By the way I am 8 years old and I am going to fast in ramadan.
    Last year I fasted most of it but this year i am fasting all of it inshala.
    All the times I liten to your beatiful voice I start to cry.
    I always have your voice in my head and I think about you.
    I always remember you.
    The first time I hear about this site I was absolutly amazed, may allah bless you.

  2. A salam wa aleykum eh nas!
    Sheikh Abdul aziz al Ahmed is one of the greatest quran readers all over the world. He is the only guy who can touch my heart with his sound. I wanna learn the holy quran full and I am near to finish it and Abdul aziz al Ahmed has helped me a lot with his sound when i discoverd him I all the days of the week learn a bit more of the Islam and the quran because his sound is the best in the world. Mash'allah can allah make a place for him in the paradise. Insh'allah

  3. Assalmu alaykum,
    I was fortunate alhumdulilah to locate your recitations. In particular, sura Kahf which allows me to look forward to listening to Thursday nights. Your voice is melodical and clear and your recitation is at a fair pace to allow the listener to comprehend the wisdom behind the message of each sura. May Allah (swt) keep you in the best of health and reward you for enlightening the muslim ummah with islamic knowledge through your recitation. From Sydney, Australia.

  4. Assalmu alaykum everyone. I just gotta say one thing about sheikh Abdel Aziz. I started listening to him since I was born and I never liked any other sheikh than him since I first heard him so there is really no other sheikh that I can compare sheikh Abdel Aziz, with. So, may allah bless him and his family and my wish is to see him before I die. And if I don't see him in this world than in Jannah inshallah. Amen

  5. Asalamu aleykum to all
    He is my favourite receitor. His voice keeps hidden pain and touch the heart. His beautiful voice force the listener to weep. His distinguished way of receiting important ayats with his melody voice gives peace and relief to the listner. This is a best gift for ramadan. I am continuously listening in ramadan for last two years. God bless him.

  6. Asalamu Aleykoum,
    I am not fortunate to learn the Quran like I wanted to but I thank God for Imams like you. Since I discovered Imam Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed I cannot sleep without listening to him reciting Surat Al Baqarah.
    May God Gives him long life to help people like me listen and enjoy the Holy Quran
    Let me please know if you have his website

  7. asalamu aleykum to all
    I like this sheikh because he's reading quick, I am one of those students that prefer reading quick as well as in tajweed so i can memorize quickly. Masha'allah may Allah reward him jannah ameen.
    Every surah he reads i memorize it quickly, I don't know wallahi his reading encourages me wallahi to learn more.

  8. Assalamu Alaikum Warahamatulah,
    I write this message from togo: since I hear al Quran, I never seen the voice who touch my heart like Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed voice. His voice increase my believe in ALLAH and make me tear. May ALLAH accept him in his paradise . ( AMEEN ).

  9. Masha allah sheikh i always listen to this sheikh may Allah bless you
    brother and give you the best position in Janna. You have a very strong voice masha Allah.Every time i listen to this sheikh i want to listen to him more.
    Aslamu aleykum.

  10. you are an excellent reciter of coran .
    i wish that god protect you for islam .
    I am from algeria and i listen always to your recitations. You have a very nice voice when recitate coran.
    Pray god for me my cheikh to follow the right way.

  11. Does anyone know this Shieck 's email, I 'd like to ask him some religious questions and love his voice. If you do tell me or if shieck see this please tell me also. Thank you. May Allah make our ummah strong and not weak.

  12. As-salamu alaykum!
    Subhan'Allah, i started to listen with the surah al-Fatiha and listend until the end of the surah an-Nas. It was so touching and inspiring. Great Qur’an reciter. Masha'Allah.