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  1. Assalamoalaikum Wr. Wbr. found accidently this site! certainly it has a lot of merits, among them to make the thirsty hearts satisfied and calmed. One of the best source to hear/listen the revealed Message of Allah our Rab/The Lord and preaching His Nobel Message in the beautiful and attractive voice of different Qaris belong to the World. Allah may shower His mercy upon all of you and accept your good deeds and reward all of you here and after here. InshaAllah

  2. Yasser Al Dossari has a beautiful voice, I love to hear to. May God bless him and grant him Paradise. He his one of my favorite shiecks and I love to imitate his voice. I do not know how he made up such a beautiful voice. Insallah my voice will turn out good like him. The Quran is so Beautiful, but Yasser Al Dossari makes more beautiful because of his gifted voice.

  3. I love you in Allah, O our sheikh great, God protect you in your voice and your body and I hope to God Almighty that unites us your Day of Resurrection. I always listen to you and I hope to have a voice like you, for I am God I love your voice so much, and I wish to pray behind you and I hope to God not to deprive me of So.

  4. Asalamu Alaykum, Received a link to a Shaikh Dossari recitation. I never heard him before and just started to cry as soon as he started to recite. I was in the car at the time and it was a big surprise for me. The few times I have cried has been about the Quran either reading or hearing. I feel the Quran speaks to the soul.

  5. Before I was listening to sheikh nasser alqatami. But now I see that sheikh yasser addosari recite like sheikh nasser alqatami, can someone tell me if sheikh nasser does follow sheikh dossari or sheikh dossari follow sheikh nasser? But there are a bit difference between their recites but their base is on one sound.

  6. It's not about reciting from the vocal cords when it comes to Sheikh Dosari. He recites with his heart, and feels each verse through his veins. When I listen to him recite, I feel a shiver in my spine, my blood rushes, hair stands and eyes tear up. Indeed his voice is a gift from Allah all Mighty.

  7. MashaAllah this sheikh has a verry beautiful voice and his recitation is heart trembling especially surah Al Araf,the way he recites this surah causes the tears to flow from your eyes and it makes you think of hereafter.May Allah continue to bless this sheikh and grant him jannah ameen.

  8. Jazak Allah for launching such websites. I am from Majoka - Pakistan. My children love to hear the recitation of Quran. I also love to listen recitation all the times. I pray for all those who put their efforts in making such beautiful site. Regards - Mumtaz.

  9. Salam Alakium! Thank you for everything you put up here. We really appreciate it, I live in the United States and listen to you everyday 24/7 and here we make so many copies of your cd for others to listen to you too. God bless you and your family. Thank You.

  10. I like listening to you, I am very proud of you and Allah bless you and your family. I would appreciate if you can email me an of your updates of your readings or lectures. Continue doing a great job and allowing Allah to guide you in the right way.

  11. Sheikh Yasser Al Dossari has a beautiful voice. He's one of my favorite sheikh, I hope insha'Allah one day he leads the prayer where every he is.. One thing I like about him is he's emotional person when he reads the Qur'an that is touching...

  12. A Salam Aleikum thanks for everything we really appreciate what you are doing and thank you for downloading all of the Quran to the internet. It helps me a lot, I listen to it everyday. God Bless you and your family and thanks again. Salam.

  13. Assalamu alaykom wa rahmatollahi wabarakatuhu,
    Sheikh yasser al dosari has a special voice. It makes me cry sometimes, but that's only good!!
    May Allah swt bless us all!!
    We must not forget the Holy Quran!
    Salamu alaykom!

  14. I started listening Quran after listening Al Dossari reciting Quran, I ask my Muslim brothers to listen Quran and tell our friends across the world to listen and practice Quran. I love listening Quran recited by Yasser Al Dossari

  15. Es-slamu Alejkum
    My name is Adnan Sadiku, from Kosova.In my place we are a musilms and many young mens likes your voice and me too,and All-llah blessed you and I will hope to write me.
    Your voice it's very good

  16. My favorite sheikh
    Essalamu aleykum
    My name is omar alzyoud i live in USA, when i hear your voice i want to cry. May Allah blessed you, you have a such beautiful voice.
    Brother dont forget us when you pray.

  17. I am from Bangladesh, I cried many times. to hear the emotional recitation of Yasse Al-Dossari. He is a great reciter of holy Qur'n in the Muslim world. May Allah Grant him long life and His choicest blessing.

  18. He is reciter who is my favourite. I 1st listened to nasheeds and other islamic media but this reciter is so much touching that now i am learning holy Quran my self, and trying to read like him.

  19. He has a very beautiful voice and his recitations are very smooth. May Allah grant him all the good rewards of the Holy Qur'an. Ameen

  20. Mashallah........ great voice, exceptional, extraordinary great.
    I always shed tears when i listen to your recitation.

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