1. salaam alikam everyone
    I am from Hadramout- yemen,when I was in my village that time i was child, i was to listen to Shaikh Saoud Shuraim to much even i could not sleep without his voice in my ears, from that time till now his voice is best for me.. May allah bless all Shaikhs and Mulana and us too.

  2. I am Muslim Sunni from Somaliland Sheik Shuraim has the most gifted voice including Abdiwali Alarkani.I listen to their recitals on my cell phone thewhole day. Allah bless him and his family . also i wish is to see him before i die.And if i don't see him in this world than in Jannah inshallah.

  3. Sheikh shuraim is one the best gifted voice of the holy Quran.I really love how Sheikh shuraim recites Quran.He is one of my best reciter ever.I always like weeping whenever i listen to his recitation despite i dont understand arabic.May Allah in his infinite mercy grant him jannatul firdausi

  4. I think shuraim is the best quran reciter beceause his voice and the style of his voice is the best. And also he is the imam of the haram. I can't wait till ramadan because he will lead terawweeh inshallah.
    from rhedwan ahmed from east london.

  5. Saoud shuraim in my opinion is the best quranic reciter in the world. He has splendid way of ending verses, I love him for the sake of Allah. I want him to lead me in prayer one day. I enjoyed watching his video clips, listening his audios etc. I am tryin to imitate his way of recitation.

  6. allah is great and much great. such people like sheikh saoud shuraim are allahs messangers. we need to follow them to achieve our goals as good muslims. we muslims are always great and will be great by help of allah. lets come together and praise allah, our forgiver and protector.

  7. My favorite reciter, one of the greatest reciters, Saud Shuraim. With his nice tune and beautiful voice for the Quran. After his more than 20 years experience in taraweeh, I have learned much of his tajweed and tunes. My dream is to lead the taraweeh like him.

  8. Saud Shuraim you, have a voice really extraordinaire. A way every time I sit on a computer I listen to you.Indeed praying I imite although I have not a good voice. I like to participe one of your pries. My name is Moudjibou Rahmane Diop, I'm a senegaleseman.

  9. Salam alaikum
    I love your voice, and i want to copy you... I want to live in makkah and listen to your voice and others. I would love to meet Imam Shuraim. I lived in Jeddah for nine years but couldn't meet the imam's of mecca. Thank you very much...

  10. I am from kano Nigeria. Really I like shaikh sshuraym.I really cry when I listen to his recitation esp suratul Yusuf hud taubah fadir among others.I wish I wil have interview with him one day one time.may Allah grant him jannatul Firdaus

  11. Sheik Al-Shuraim may ALLAH (SWT) keep alive your longings.Your God given voice do captivated me whenever YOU are reading from the HOLY QUR'AN. Your voice is indeed the best. How i wish GOD should bless me that voice of yours.

  12. Assalamu Alaikum warahmatul Lah wabarkatuh, I must to say AlhamdulilLAH for His blessing on us by rising a sensible, gentle, literate and kindfull man, who is Shuraim. I don't know how I feel when I am listening his recitation.

  13. I am from Bangladesh. Live in United Arab Emirates. How sweets his voice.Definitely Allah gifted this voice no doubt about that. Only Allah gifted things are special.Saoud Shuraim's voice also special as Allah gifted him.

  14. I am from Tajikistan. I love Shaikh Shuraim very very very much. No comment about his recitation. I think he is number one in the world!!! Ahlamdulillah, thah we have like you imam and shaikh. Allah bless you and all muslims.

  15. What great a reciter , really i like him for , me he's the ideal style of 'kiraa'and "tajwiid" , god bless him ,Allah give us like him ..I'm so glad that i try to imitate him in reading the holly book , best regards

  16. Assalamou Alaikoum
    Sheik Saou Ashuraim Is one of Divine gifts Allah The All mighty has granted the whole Islamic Ummah. May Allah Keep Him, along with all other eminent reciters,in perfect peace and stable performance.

  17. Shaik Shuraim is great Qari , in his voice Allah fearing sense is produce those who listens. A Great Scholar of ISLAM. His TAQWA is influcencing his recitation. Sahaba(r) use to recite in the same manner.

  18. Converted from Europe went to Umrah in 2010 al hamdulilah may Allah bless me and my family going again may Allah subhana wa taaala keep safe our greastest schoolars from Holy Mosque Sh. sudessi and Sh. Shuraim.
    Ameen !

  19. Salamun Alaikum I am from Turkey , Abdul Hadi Allah bless our continuum and Sudais teacher Insha'Allah we expect a new Imamate , continuum , our teacher, we organized an event I would be very pleased to come to Istanbul

  20. Sauod Shuraim Is the second Best QURAN recite In the world I love him so much,I love his voice he is very gentle,
    If I listen to sura QAF i feel happy may allah bless him and others
    assalamu aleykum warahmatullah.