1. Allaahu Akbar. May Allah give him mercy. He was legend. Sheikh Mohamud Khalil Al-Husary and Sheikh Mohamed Sadiiq Al-Minshaawe are two greatest Quran reciters in the Moderen era. Allah yarhamhum.

  2. AsSalaamu'alaykum,
    Shaykh husary helps me to memorize the Qur'aan.
    I'm on Surah Baqara,Alhamdullillah
    Jazaakillaahukhayran for those who made the website
    May Allaah have mercy on the sheikh

  3. Yero Sabally
    Sheikh Khalil Houssary was a greater reciter of the wholly Quran at all times and all Muslims should emulate this great servant of Allah. May Allah be please with him.

  4. Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil al Husary is the best reciter. May Allaah have mercy on him. Amin
    People should listen to him is because he has the best hafs recitation.

  5. i really feel to you since i were heared your Quran reciter i ve got the power to recite the Quran so i'm very happy for you and than God bless you

  6. May Allah bless him mashallah May God give him heaven inshallah... Allhamdullilah he got me to recite Quran from his beautiful recitation.

  7. i love it i listen to it every day from morning to night bless you and always would listen to your reading like you really want to do it

  8. i love it the way read it like have passion i listen to it everyday and i pass you will be rewarded that you have learned all this

  9. subhanallah! what an awesome recitation, may Allah grant him jannah and those that follow the sunnah of our beloved prophet(SAW).

  10. Mashaallah the best reciter at all time. May Allah grant him jannah and his listeners and those who benefit from his recitation.

  11. masha Allah, had it been sheikh hussary was alive i would have gone to him to learn the quran, am in love with his recitation

  12. May Allah be pleased with his service to Allah(swt), the Deen of al-Islam, and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sws).

  13. May Allah have mercy on you, all the reciters of the book of God almighty. The last revelation to the creatures.

  14. You can't love Mahmoud Khalil Al Hussary! His tajweed and quran reading are both beautiful. May Allah bless him.

  15. The greatest of all sheikhs. He taught sheikhs like ali al hudaifi, abdul-basit, and mohamed siedik al minshawi

  16. Wow mashallah may Allah bless you mohamoud Khalil hussary you are helping everyone that Wants to learn quran

  17. wow mashallah I have a teacher just like him but without the glasses and may Allah bless him jannah ameen

  18. Very good and beautiful recitation may Allah bless him....

  19. Mashallah may allah take him to jannah amin ya rabul alamin