1. Manshallah this most beautiful recite. I love sheikh recite. May Allah protect you whenever you are. God bless you. Whenever I listen to this sheikh I feel carry. May Allah reward you with paradise. I listen sheikh to learn my quran memorizing.

  2. What a great voice MA. People, do listen to Surah:75 by Idriss Abkar. Allah Ta'ala has rewarded him with a beautiful voice. I wish that I could be his student so that he can teach me the way he recites. Mashallah, he is doing a great thing.

  3. Assalamualaikum.. first time i hear surah Al qiyamah from Imam Idris Akbar, its really touching, and my tears falls..its like wake me up, its like something i know but recently realize it. I Hope Allah always protect and bless him. Aamiin..

  4. MashAllah Idris Abkar has a beautiful voice and his Surah Qiyamah is so powerful Surah No(75)..
    Also his recitation is inspiring to others and makes you feel like you want to recite like him May Allah bless you and give you Jannah Amen

  5. mashallah ihave nothing to say, but this qarii is great always i ask my self why this qarii is not taken in masjid haram makkah to lead people in tarawekh because of his good recitation, always i need to see him leading people in tarawekh

  6. Very Good reading, mashallah and I applaud your amazing voice. I am 13 years old and I love listening to you recite. May Allah reward you and make me be a good reciter like you. This is also the best reading of this surah I have heard.

  7. Masha-Allah.
    I don't have words to praise this great Qari, If any one really wants to know what qirat is. Just listen SURAH ANAAM BY THIS GREAT QARI.

  8. There is no words to express my appreciation towards this qari 'Idris Abkar" really his recitation touches my heart and brain we love you here in naija. I ask Allah swa to protect and reward you with Jannatul firdaus Amien.

  9. May Allah reward him, his recitations are very heart soothing and emotional, in fact I have learn how to recite some surah's by listening to his recitations may Allah bless him and grant him Jannah
    bi gairi hisab. Ameen

  10. Mashallah, what a beutiful voice, surat al baqara is very moving, i memorize from his recitations and learn very quickly, may Allah (swt) reward you and enter you into paradise for your work, praises from new jersey

  11. Your beautiful voice not only reaches in Toronto but also in California as well :). Really like your Quran recitation. Your voice is unique and awesome. It touches heart. “Idris Abkar” simply the best.

  12. Salamu alaikum from Canada. This qari is my favorite. Masha allah. I memorized the entire quran through your recitation. May Allah unite us in jannah insha allah. May Allah reward you with paradise.

  13. Awesome Recitation !!! I really Like your RECITATION. May Allah bless you in the both worlds. Ameen. Listening Surah Kahaf...right now....Your awesome voice traps the person for hours and hours !!!

  14. Salam to my dear brother Qari Idriss Abkar I am Nesar Ahmad from Afghanistan may Allaha bless you so I like your recitation l hope the greatest gift of almighty Allaha Janah for all of us.

  15. Allahu Akbar this lovely may almighty Allah give you janna..I really love his voice and how is read the Quran I am praying may almighty Allah make me like him ameen..from Nigeria Abuja

  16. Masha Allah... He has a very good voice and very slow once too. He has a very good pronunciation. His recitation so slow and very clear so that any once can get it very fast.

  17. This is a great sheikh . He is my second favorite . My mum loves listening to this sheikh Idrees Abkar.He makes emotional duas . May Allah bless him .

  18. Mashallah uncle may allah guide us to the right path, the path of the prophet and companions and make us strong like abubakar sadiq

  19. Maashaa Allah. This is one of the most beautiful recitations I have ever heard. May Allah make it a sadaqatul jaariya for you. Amin

  20. Salaam aleykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu
    I am from Macedonia- albanian muslim
    I love this recitation
    Allah protect sheikh