1. Assalam Alikum,
    Ya Ikhwan,
    MashaAllah. A very soothing and peaceful voice. The message it carries is much more sooting and peaceful. May Allah make us of those who understand it and follow its matters with our life and not of those who recite it but it does not go beyond the throat. Ameen

  2. Please I am asking the Question on behalf of thousands of Muslims; "Why was Ali Jaber removed from Masjid ul Haraam"? Ali Jaber was the best I still miss his recitation what about his family his sons do they also recite like him?
    Please give more info about his life and his family.

  3. Alhamdulillah wassalatu wassalamu alah man la nabiya ba'adahu (SAW).I must have to confess that since i was born, i have been hearing shieck Ali Jaber kira'a and i so much enjoy it, to the extend that i'm immitating him. May Almighty Allah rorgive us our sin and be with us. Wassalam

  4. Masha Allah . May Allah subhanahu wa ta,ala bestow Sheikh Jabir and all other reciters a great position in Jannatu firdaus. May Allah shower his blessings upon his family and raise among them one who will take after him. May Allah reward the founder of this site abundantly.Aameen

  5. asalamalikum
    I was shocked when i heard that sheikh Ali Jaber died.. But allah knows the best for a person. i'm just 13 years old and i want to copy Ali Jaber and Soud Shuraim.. I hope i get the same voice as these imam's... Inshallah i will get same voice like these imam's

  6. Ma shaa Allah! May Allah accept and reward his sacrifices and dedications in strengthening Islam. What a great reciter, imam, teacher... May we all be granted knowledge to work in the path (siraatal-mustaqim), the foot steps of our beloved prophet (peace be unto him)... Ameen!

  7. Sheikh Ali Abdullah Jaber was not removed as an Imam of Masjid al Haram, he asked to be relived from his duties due to poor health. After his retirement Sheikh Saalih al Taalib came and Sheikh Jaber died in 2005. May Allah give him Jannah al Firdous and forgive him and us

  8. Masha Allah, beautiful and unique recitation of Sheikh Ali Jabir which takes me back to my days of school in which we used to listen to his cassettes every friday before Juma Prayers. May Allah take care of his soul and grant him an entry into His Jannah AMIIN.

  9. Mashallah I love when he reads surah al Jinn. He's a classic imam. I've been listening to him all of my life. I am on surah Al Mujadila and this is because I listened and read after him. My allah send him to Jannah and may allah brighten his grave with noor.

  10. Assalamu alaikum.my name is mahmud,i am from nigeria,jazakallahu bil jannah,i love his voice,i ask Allah to grant me his voice,i use this oppotunity to ask ur pleasure for any one that read this message to put me in prayers for Allah sake to fulfill my vision

  11. Innalillahi Wainnailaihi Rajiun. I started lestening to Sheikh Aliyu Jabir's recitation in the 80's. Up to today, I have not hear the voice that is so appealing to me like that of Jabir.May All Mighty Allah grant him Al-Jannatul Firdausi.

  12. I grew up in Somalia listening to Ali abdullahi Jaber, one of the most prolific Quran reciters of our time. I doubt whether we will ever see somebody like him . His voice and style is breath-taking . May allah grant him janatul firdaus.

  13. Mashallah,my favourite qari.Sheikh Ali jaber is my all time best reciter,i am filled with so much emotions when i hear him recite the glorious quran.May Allah SWT continue to have mercy on his soul and increase his rank in paradise.

  14. Assalamoalekum, he couldn't because of his illness, i think that illness prevent him to continue leading the salat in Haram, allah knows best.
    he is indeed have a pure sound, make the hearts soften, check his website for details.

  15. I love the recitation of the beloved sheikh, he has a beautifully voice that enjoy really much which makes my heart overjoyed. I can't believe that they took him out of the kabah, may Allah put him in jannatul firdus.

  16. I wish Ali Jaber a good life and may Allah take Ali jaber to jennah fardows. When i hear him read i realy feel like crying. Every time i read quran i listen to Ali Jaber. May Allah take lot of care in his afterlife.

  17. Magical! Wonderful! Beautiful! Out of this world! Something special in his voice! Voice from the heavens! No one can ever be like him! May Allah bless him Jannat ul Firdous! Ameen!
    All others copy him...

  18. alhamdu lillah i love the great reciter of the Holy Quran. His voice is not less than a miracle itself. He is my teacher without even meeting him. May Allah Jalla w ala bless him in Jannatul Firdaus Ameen

  19. He reads the Quran from his heart.
    I wish I could hug him and kiss his head.
    May Allah have mercy on your sheikh Ali Jaber And may He (Allah) reward you with higher position in paradise.

  20. JazakAllah Khaiyrr.....
    May Allah (SWT) grant him Jannaatul Firrdaus.
    His recitations bring joy to me even when am sad or angry.