1. Subhan'Allah
    Ahmed Saoud has a beautiful voice and he recites Quran from the depth of his heart. His voice adds emotion to the Ayah and we are enthralled by his recitation. May Allah bless him and his entire family in this world and in the Hereafter.

  2. Maasha allah what a great voice...@ahmed saud:by any chance if you see my comment pls reply my mail id:msn024@maersk.com i love ur voice.. i have bi heart almost most of the surahs by listening your voice..Allah is great.. keep continue your recite...

  3. Subhanallah. The first time I heard him reciting the Quran verses, I immediately fell in love. Alhamdulillah, I can get it here. I hope my children to be like him. And also, I hope assabile.com can provide all verses of the Qur'an from Ahmed's voice.

  4. All I can say is MASHALLAH allah gave some beautiful voice, everytime i listen to you,I admire your voice more and more and love listening to it. inshallah i hope you lead the salah in makkah in the future. May allah keep you in the same way. Ameen

  5. Mashallah he is having tremendous heart touching voice which relaxes heart and soothes too...
    May Allah Bless him with more Qualities so that he can contribute more to islamic Activities...
    Give him best rewards in this world and hereafter

  6. Masha Allah....This child has a sweet voice for recitation of quran.All Parents should here this and guide their children towards holy quran.May Allah gave all blessings to this boy and last his voice for ever for islam..........Ameen...

  7. Maansha alaah walad salih, Allaah bless you, keep it up son i always enjoyed your recitation of suratul Yasiin.and those surahs are also amazing maybe one day one of the big imams like Sudaysi,Shuraym or Abdirashiid Sheekh Suufi,

  8. Subhanallah.. Ahmed Saoud's recitation is very good. The voice is very clear, and the intonation is very good. I pray for him and his family may Allah give heaven to them..
    Hafiz Farihi
    State University of Jakarta

  9. child is father of the man( Wordsworth ) as the child is most true form of human being. Taha is an excellent reciter like is name. May ALLAH KARIM bestow upon him more blessings, specially love and recitation of QURAN-E-KARIM.

  10. His voice in reciting Holy Quran thrilled my deepest heart and made me cry. I dream to having a son like him. He has inspired me to always remember all sins I have made and try to striving taubatan nasuhaa as well as I can.

  11. What a melodious voice ! I have never heard such a sweet, melodious voice like Ahmad saoud. It just touches the bottom of my heart. Allah has blessed him with a dynamic voice. The time I heard this voice I am just amazed.

  12. Ma Shaa Allah , Oh, Allah protect Ahmed Saoud and parents, Oh, Allah give him Successfully life in this forever . I'm requesting for Pray from Ahmed Saoud and his Teacher.
    Thank you,
    Best regards.
    Mohammed Irfan

  13. He has got a very marvelous, melodious and beautiful voice.it directly touched my heart and changed me a lot.... Ahmed Saud has something very special in his voice. He is doing a great service in the cause of Quran.

  14. MASHA ALLAH..MASHA ALLAH..surely this voice is a special gift from ALLAH and prays to get JANNATHUL FIRDOUSE.please include me and all muslims in your duaa.my special thanks to saods parents.ALLAH will bless you.

  15. This Qori' is accepted well in Indonesia. Disert to be appreciated. Hopefull the moslems youth immitate him. Usefull for the nations, to be Islamic icon and become parents' proud. May God bless him. Congrats. :)

  16. Mashallah brother you read the quran nicely I am really proud of you my muslim brother may Allah grant you a place in jannah may Allah praise your parents and also give them a place in jannah inshallah ameen.

  17. Jazaaka Allahhairr for the wonderful recitation. Your voice is really motivating. I pray all our younger children get motivated and be inspired by your wonderful and powerful voice ameen.

  18. His voice is very beautiful, when I listen to him reading the holy Koran, he makes me cry. I pray for him and his family. God Bless them.
    hani Hassan
    Seattle, WA

  19. I love the recitation of Holy Quran by Ahmed Saoud.
    MaSha Allah he has a beautiful voice.
    May Allah bless him and all the Muslims in this world

  20. Alhamdou lillah may Allah The Almighty bless you my dearest brother. Allah has given you one of the best melodious voice in the world.