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    286 verses Madaniya Hafs A'n Assem
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  1. Masha Allah, excellent and impressive recitation by Qari Abdessamad. It makes the listeners attentive and dumb-stuck and devoted to the revelations of Almighty Allah for the guidance of the humanity.

  2. I heard Imam Warith Deen Mohammed say that Abdelbasset is the best reciter of the Qur'an that he has ever heard...and I must agree with him. Jamal Abdul-Musawwir of New Orleans

  3. Melodious voice of Qari in reciting the virtuous Surat of the most Glorious Divine Revelation of Mercy and Guidance for the whole humanity for all the times.

  4. so peaceful! alhamdulilah for this recitation. May Alah give all the muslimeen the joy of listening to the quran all their lives.

  5. I appreciate this wonderful Qari by the reciting of the Great book Holly Quran. Bundle of thanks.
    Dr.Khoshal Quraishi